Come Visit

We welcome visitors to our school and each year hundreds of educators, community members, business leaders, graduate students, elected officials and philanthropists spend time on our classrooms. Some visitors want a general introduction to what we do and others want to learn more about a specific component of our practice. We frequently arrange in-depth observational visits for delegations of educators who want to observe instruction and debrief with members of our team. Get in touch to arrange a time to step into our classrooms.

Learning is a community endeavor — come join us.

I highly recommend that you visit The Learning Community! There is a reason why their students are defying the odds. As soon as you walk in the door, you feel welcome and you feel energized. And, once you get in their classrooms, you are blown away. It is truly inspiring and well worth your time!
— Michele Cinquegrano, Regional Director, Verizon Government Affairs