"I think about being a part of the first graduating class, we all started out in first grade. Most of the kids in my neighborhood at the time were not getting the best education. But at our school we had the smart boards, the one-on-ones with teachers, the community feel.

We were inner city kids but we felt like we could do anything because we were learning so much.

And because of that education we could go to any high school. Even compared to the kids coming from the private schools, who were paying all this money, and we were learning the same things as they were. 

At The Learning Community, you see the same teachers every day from the beginning of your life all the way through. I'm still in contact today with Mrs. Balbuena and Mrs. Luciano. They got me on the straight and narrow road. These are people who don't just go to work every day. They are more than just teachers.

They make you feel like you are destined to do something."

-Jason Diaz